acid-free nanoSilver materials

The technologically we developed for making acid-free crystalline nano particles is as advanced as the science used to make materials for the future of microelectronics and aerospace (for which amepox makes both ionic and crystalline based conductive materials).

The sanoPoultry acid-free pure crystalline sub 10nm silver particles create AntiMicrobial products that only interact with the bacteria and not humans or animals. Derived from the very successful amepox research conducted for over a decade at nanoFATE & nanoTHERM in Europe.

Smaller particles create much greater surface area and having a particle free of acid creates much more effective surface area than the wet-chemistry nano particles made by our competitors. Numerous scientific studies have verified that the smaller the silver particles the better it is at attacking bacteria before resistance can be developed.

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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (AMR)

Both "Antimicrobial" Chemicals and "Antibiotic" Drugs are susceptible to bacteria resistance and even new self identifying anti quorum sensing molecular antibiotics will develop resistance.

When we give animals antibiotics, those antibiotics, for the most part, are given in their food and water. So they go into the animal's guts. They make some of those bacteria [in the gut] resistant. That bacteria contaminates [the animal] meat. We eat the meat. And then we develop the food borne illnesses that, happen to be antibiotic-resistant.

Because of the global consolidation of food production, in which now fewer very large firms are distributing their products over very large spaces, we get very large outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant food borne illness that can be distributed hundreds and thousands of miles away from where the original farms are located.

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Value Proposition

For around 24 cents per chicken achieving no more antiBiotics "the sano way" is cheaper than the total and complete cost of the fable label approach of skirting the issue by prescribing growth promoting antibiotics "as preventative medicine".

"The Sano Way" just requires three US$0.08 fogging applications during the 54day production cycle. Using the bacteria preventing sanoPoultry bioDynamic Suppressant coatings is far more cost effective thus making antibiotic free poultry production sustainable.

Our Sub <10nm antimicrobials is the best value proposition given that broilers grown with our bioDynamic Suppressants grew 10% larger on average than the control group. Arrange a test today and discover how to ensure maximum profitability and peace of mind for your shareholders and consumers.

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nanoSilver bioDynamic Suppressant coatings, mist and hydration poultry specific formulations.

Decades of material science research has produced acid-free medical grade nano silver with crystalline particle size at the near atomic (sub <10nm) level which is not susseptible to antibacteria resistance like antibiotics. The sanoPoultry Corp also formulations specifically designed for Broilers and a Chick specific formulation is currently being tested.

MORE effective than antiBiotics. More affordable than less effective chemical AntiMicrobials.

That sanoPoultry biodynamic suppressants outperform disinfectants and antibiotics is well documented and easily understood, but why it is far better than Competing Generic Antimicrobials/from giants in the industry requires an understanding of the nano science and how bacteria reacts with our acid-free crystalline silver on a molecular level. We've commissioned a doctoral thesis to fully explain, verify and validate the performance of our silver nano particles (sano AgNP) in poultry production.

Take no Chances. with your consumers.

All the marketing in the world cannot save your reputation when your production line suffers a bacteria outbreak. less than 24 cents per chicken could save you from huge financial losses and market share erosion which has become common with the use of antibiotics. For how much longer will your shareholders be satisfied with just labeling the chicken "antibiotic free" instead of actually eliminating the antibiotics from the poultry you sell? How long before your consumers realize that "NO Antibiotcs Ever" as a growth promoter simply means the flock has been loaded up with growth promoting antibiotics as "prescribed preventative medicine" to "protect the flock". We've conducted extensive testing in the poultry sector and we guarantee the results; if it doesn't work as claimed we will buy the entire flock that was treated only with our bioDynamic suppressants and hydration supplements. What have you got to loose besides your reputation.